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In this class, you'll focus on opening up your shoulders to release any weight you may be carrying there. This weight could come in the form of emotional burdens and baggage, physical tension, or mental dis-ease. You'll focus on using your breath and each posture to help you soften and open this area of your body.
In this class, you'll explore a bunch of different pigeon variations; from supine to standing to arm balancing and everything in between. If you love pigeon pose, this class is for you!
In this live class replay, I work you up to a crow/firefly hybrid arm balance! Expect lots of hamstring and hip openers, as well as interesting transitions and pose variations.
In this meditation, I take you through one of my favourite methods to ground my energy down, especially when I have a lot of mental energy and chatter. This technique incorporates visualization and breathwork and can also be used in your day to day or anytime when you feel like your mind is getting the best of you!
This class is stretch-inspired and is filled with some of my favourite supine stretches that'll help you stretch all parts of your lower body. This class is great to do in the morning, before bed, or whenever you feel like you just want to get in a good stretch!
In this class, you'll be guided through hip openers and binds as you learn how to deepen side angle pose. You'll open up your chest and shoulders throughout practice to help you feel one of the main benefits of practicing binds.
In this live class replay, I work you up to super soldier. Expect lots of binds, hamstring and hip openers throughout the class.
This 30-minute, level 3 flow is all about finding the quiet within.⁠ I lead you through balancing postures, both on your hands and feet, to challenge your presence of mind.⁠ The quieter your mind is, the easier it is to find balance in any posture.⁠
Go back to the basics in this 30-minute beginner flow. Learn a few foundational and common asanas of a flow practice. This class is great for any level of experience that wants to dive back into the basics of yoga.
In this short flow, you'll use the wall in various creative ways to explore inversions, backbends, and shoulder openers like King Pigeon I & II, as well as hollowback.
Take your inversions practice to the next level with hollowback! Hollowback is a tricky (but so fun) shape that you can practice in either forearm stand or handstand. It requires a lot of shoulder opening, inverted body awareness, and balance. In this practice, you'll explore hollowback in pincha mayurasana and learn the fundamentals of how to hollowback.
Working on your firefly posture? Check out this tutorial to help you with this pose!

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