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In this meditation, you're guided to connect with your heart space and tune into any sensations you're feeling so that you can clear what doesn't serve you and make more room for more of what does.
In this class, you'll open and mobilize your hips with postures and exercises that focus on external hip rotation.
In this class, you'll practice backbending to open up your heart, including working your way into a single-legged version of camel pose.
In this meditation, I guide you into a deeper connection to your body so that you can reflect on the different sensations that occur as you experience different thoughts. Our bodies can often teach us a lot when we take the time to tune in and listen.
Focus on clearing your mind and getting lost in the continuous flow of movement on your mat.
In this class, you'll work on opening up your hips and spine with twists and hip openers. You'll build up towards a transition involving both!
In this meditation, take the time to get to know yourself through guidance and journal prompts that asks you to connect inwards and turn to a place of observation and self-awareness.
Take it easy in this class by slowly opening up and stretching your hips. Throughout this short flow, you'll focus on relaxing and softening into your hip space through various hip-opening postures.
In this class, you'll focus on expanding your self-limiting beliefs as you explore moving your body through challenging transitions and postures and identifying any areas where you might be holding yourself back from trying. You'll open up your hips, hamstrings, and shoulders in this practice as well.
In this class, you'll focus heavily on handstand and forearm stand. You'll also practice techniques to overcome fear and anxiety which inversions can bring up a lot of, but learning to manage your fear within postures is an important part of practice.
In this class, you'll dive deep into the key components of straddle and pancake flexibility. You'll practice postures and alignment principles that'll help open up your inner thighs, hips, and hamstrings. Plus, you'll practice pelvic tilts and learn why these are a key element of pancake.⁠
In this class, you'll focus on connecting to your divine feminine which includes softness, creativity, going with the flow, and even your second chakra. You'll practice hip openers and arm balance throughout.

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