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In this class, you'll explore twisting postures with some challenging arm balance + inversion transitions thrown in.
In this class, you'll explore balancing postures to help ground you. Also included are flows intended to add some fire to your legs.
In this class, you'll practice exercises and movements based around deepening your single squat position (pistol squat). You can expect hip openers and a variety of pistol squat transitions.
In this class, you'll gently open up your shoulders and upper back in this short flow practice.
In this class, you'll work towards a challenging standing balancing pose that requires open hips, inner thighs, and hamstrings. To prep. for this pose, you can expect a lot of postures that will open up these areas of your body.
In this class, you'll practice postures that will open up your hips and help you get deeper in your squat position.
In this class, you'll stretch out your sides with various sidebending postures in a continuous sequence.
In this class, you'll practice creative transitions that incorporate handstand with the intention of this class being to help you explore, practice, and strengthen your handstand. Expect plenty of time spent on your hands in this flow class!
In this class, you'll work up to bound side angle. Throughout the class, you'll prep. your body with twists, shoulder openers, and hip openers.
In this class, you'll practice pigeon-based drills, exercises, and postures to help you open up and mobilize your hips.
In this class, you'll power through a squat-based flow that'll leave your legs burning and hips open! Be prepared to work up a sweat.
This class is wrist-free! So if you're struggling with wrist problems or just want to give your hands a break, this class is for you. You'll practice modifications and postures that don't involve your wrists, including hamstring openers and shoulder strengtheners. You'll also focus on strengthening a posture that's a great Downward Dog replacement.

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